Involving customers: honest commu­ni­ca­tions, open dialogue

Our dialogue with customers is charac­terised by trans­parency and an open dialogue: whether on the product, in our Tchibo shops and Depots (super­market conces­sions), on our websites, in the Tchibo magazine or via social media channels. In line with our policy of open dialogue, we do not issue one-way commu­ni­cation, but seek an exchange, especially with critical stake­holders such as consumers and multi­pliers, including bloggers and journalists. Social media channels offer a suitable platform for this. For instance, critical comments from consumers are often picked up on and discussed in the Corporate Blog. The Tchibo Community at is a new, inter­active area where customers can share their thoughts about our products and thematic ranges, find inspi­ration, and take part in weekly partic­i­patory campaigns.

Trans­parent customer commu­ni­ca­tions across all channels

Customer relations have become more complex, because the various social media channels open up new oppor­tu­nities for consumers to give feedback and publicly voice their opinions, including in the form of criticism. Tchibo sees this as an oppor­tunity to enter into an open, appre­ciative dialogue with customers and other consumers. For this, we use various social networks and our own channels.

Social Media

Facebook , Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and our own Tchibo Corporate Blog – Tchibo has steadily inten­sified its social media activ­ities since 2011. In line with the principle of 360-degree commu­ni­cation, customers and multi­pliers can contact us on all channels. Thanks to this direct dialogue, we benefit from feedback on campaigns and products, can build new customer relation­ships, consol­idate existing ones, and commu­nicate directly and personally.

In spring 2017, for example, we launched an innovative social media marketing campaign to publicise our FOR BLACK 'N WHITE filter coffee among younger customers as a specific target group and individ­ually: through seven tailor-made films for seven different target groups on Facebook. Since the coffee is also certified as sustainable according to the UTZ standard, we were able to publicise our sustain­ability management and promote respon­sible consumption at the same time.

Corporate Blog

The Tchibo Corporate Blog is #14 in the dpa subsidiaries News Aktuell and Faktenkontor’s ranking of the Top 30 most successful corporate blogs. It not only has an excellent reach of more than 65,000 readers a month, but is also valued as a high-quality medium. All the articles and topics are written by our own staff and guest authors, who share first-hand infor­mation with their readers. They come from various depart­ments, such as Coffee, Non Food, Product Devel­opment, Sustain­ability, Human Resources, and Corporate Commu­ni­ca­tions. An important principle of this tool is that the Tchibo blog provides direct insights into the company, the offices, the staff restaurant, and the company’s project work. Tchibo employees report on their experi­ences, e.g. with various projects, from a personal perspective, so that readers are ‘right there’ at Tchibo. The corporate blog lives by inter­action, and explicitly invites readers to exchange thoughts and opinions.

Blogger and Influ­encer Relations

The influence that bloggers and other influ­encers have on their commu­nities is growing steadily. They are regarded as independent and authentic opinion leaders, purveyors of infor­mation, and trend­setters. Tchibo, too, needs to win over this community of commu­ni­cators, which inspires consumers and hence our customers as well. To this end, in 2015 we hired a staff member who is exclu­sively respon­sible for ‘blogger and influ­encer relations’. The term ‘relations’ is partic­u­larly important to us, as a fair, trans­parent and valued relationship with bloggers and influ­encers is crucial to the success of the cooper­ation. Tchibo sees bloggers and influ­encers as experts and external partners. We are open to their criticism and seek a long-term dialogue.We founded the Tchibo Blogger Advisory Board with the aim of further reinforcing bloggers’ and influ­encers’ trust in Tchibo and sustaining it long-term. Comprising experts and insiders from the blogo­sphere, it supports the work of Blogger and Influ­encer Relations managers and delivers honest criticism and creative input. Blogger and Influ­encer Relations decisions and measures are usually discussed with the Advisory Board. The open dialogue has already proved its worth. Commu­ni­cation conforms to the Tchibo Blogger and Influ­encer Relations Guide­lines. We send out a monthly newsletter to relevant bloggers and influ­encers, letting them know about news, collab­o­ra­tions and important events in the Tchibo world. We further expanded our bloggers and influ­encer relations in 2017 with intensive relationship management, special projects, and various blogger events.

Tchibo Community

In our 'Tchibo Community' at, we provide an area for discovery, partic­i­pation and trying things out. Users can become product testers, watch tutorials, or find out which coffee or holiday type they are. These inter­active options are offered on a platform that is directly integrated into the online shop. Any customer with an existing online shop account can register directly and partic­ipate for free. One important element are the weekly partic­i­patory activ­ities in which customers partic­ipate, interact with each other, and find inspi­ration. We have already been able to incor­porate our sustain­ability management here as well, e.g. with a tutorial that shows children how to easily turn an old shirt into a cool new one.