Our Seal Partners

In addition to our own programs and our direct collaboration with farmers, we also work with certification partners such as Fairtrade, the Organic Seal, and the Rainforest Alliance. Looking at our range, around 20 percent of all Tchibo coffees come from certified farms.


The Fairtrade seal stands for fairly grown and traded products, in which all ingredients are traded 100 percent under Fairtrade conditions and are physically traceable.

The Organic Seal

The Organic Seal marks products and foodstuffs that have been produced and controlled according to the EU legal regulations for organic farming. These EU-wide legal regulations guarantee uniform standards for organic farming. The Organic Seal thus stands for ecological production and animal-friendly husbandry.

Rainforest Alliance

The seal indicates that certified ingredients have been produced using methods that support the three pillars of sustainability - social, economic, and ecological. Independent external auditors - a prerequisite for the integrity of any certification program - assess farms based on these three factors before issuing or renewing a certificate.