We are committed to using environmentally friendly coffee-growing practices, improving working and living conditions, and providing more educational opportunities locally.

What do we mean by fair and sustainable coffee?

Here is our answer

Fair and sustainable coffee grows in healthy soil and is farmed in harmony with nature, in conditions that are good for the growers, the pickers and their families. Many people who live and work on coffee farms face a host of challenges, such as the effects of climate change and fluctuating commodity prices. This is compounded by the insecurity that stems from unstable political systems, poor infrastructure and a lack of access to education and basic medical care. We want to help change this.

Our engagement centres around a three-tiered model

Local projects

Local projects

Tchibo Joint Forces!®

Regional cooperation

Regional cooperation

Developing sustainable coffee-growing regions

International engagement

International engagement

Cooperation in the sector


Since 2009, we have supported 43,300 farmers across nine countries with the Tchibo Joint Forces!® programme, implementing 20 projects to help farmers transition to more sustainable farming methods and improve their living conditions.

In 2021, certified coffees (Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, the organisations behind the European organic label) accounted for 19.6% of the total product range.

We have developed a coffee strategy for Vietnam that focuses on diversified land and water use, agrochemicals and climate change. With this, we aim to address environmental issues, support coffee production that complies with European pollutant regulations for green coffee, and close the income gap for smallholder farmers.



Implementation of a total of five Tchibo Joint Forces!® projects in Ethiopia, Guatemala, Honduras and Tanzania, reaching almost 24,000 farmers and their families.

Introduction of software to ensure traceability in our coffee supply chains.

Support for approximately 1,500 coffee farmers in Brazil, helping them to grow coffee more sustainably.

Ongoing development of the multi-stakeholder initiative for coffee&climate, helping farmers adapt to climate change.

For all our dedication,...

...we know that making the transition to more responsible coffee production is a huge challenge. That is why we want to forge alliances, promoting political and cross-sector discourse and championing joint programmes.